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MakeBe Interchangeable Spurs


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MakeBe Interchangeable Spurs

The Makebe Interchangeable Spurs feature an innovative spur system.  The same anodic oxidation process is used for manufacturing these spurs as the Makebe Jump Wave Stirrups.   The spurs have interchangeable heads (necks) that can be attached to provide 7 different spurs. Thanks to the anodic oxidation process, the spurs retain their glossy look and resist corrosion.

What’s Included

Each package of the Makebe Interchangeable Spurs comes with 1 pair of Spurs and 1 pair of Spur Ends (heads) that can attached to the Spurs. At the time of your order, please let us know which spur-end (head) you prefer.

The interchangeable spur system allows You can create 7 different spurs with just the one pair of spurs. The different spur ends are:

  • Smooth Rowel
  • Tooth Rowel
  • Hammer
  • Short Blunt
  • Long Knob
  • Wheel

Lightweight, durability and exchangeable heads make these spurs very attractive. The ergonomic wave design enables improved communication and sensation.

Made In Italy

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